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Check our location map or download our app to find the nearest car to where you live or work.

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Book your car for the date and time you want it, then just collect it and drive!


Open the cars with your membership smart card and drive - simple!

Pay for time spent

When you return the car any mileage is billed to your account.

Huntly's local car club

We have three cars across the town at convenient locations - a Yaris hatchback at the train station, a roomy Auris Estate in The Square and a BMW i3 electric car in the Market Muir car park. The EV has a good range for longer journeys and is zero emission while the other two are fuel efficient petrol-electric hybrids to ensure we offer environmentally sustainable choices. As a member you also have access to the other cars in the Co-wheels network which you can check out on the linksCo-wheels Huntly is a community car club for Huntly & District promoted by the Huntly & District Development Trust

Ideal for shopping or a day trip

The car club is easy to join, as an individual or an organisation. There is an initial one off £25 sign up fee for lifetime membership, just click the Join button and complete the form (you will need your drivers licence and a valid credit or debit card for this). You then verify your licence using the link give, and start booking once your membership pack arrives in the post, as simple as 1, 2, 3! There is a monthly minimum spend of £5, which is like a membership fee, but if you make a booking that costs at least £5, you don’t pay it!

Join the revolution

Lifetime membership is £25 - click the button to start your sign up!
Join the revolution Join the revolution

Only pay for a car when you need it - the smarter alternative to car ownership

£4.75 per hour

£33.25 per day

£0.18 per mile

Get a price for your journey

Each car can be booked by members on an hourly basis and the fee is charged based on time and mileage

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