Smarter ways to travel

As a car club member, you can book any of our cars on our online booking system or over the phone, and use your smartcard to access them - no need for keys. At the end of your booking, you return the car back into its bay or into an approved parking zone.

Insurance is included, and you can book a car for 30 mins to days at a time, only paying for the hire time and distance you drive.

It's as easy at that!

Driving is easy when you're a car club member. We cover everything, including insurance, cleaning, servicing and refueling - you just book a car when you need one, and drive away!




Cost of insurance, servicing and fuel is all built in. Just pay for what you use.


Drive less, pollute less and be healthier by walking, cycling and using public transport much more


Drive away within 15 minutes of booking
“Co Wheels has changed the way we think about business travel and allows us to demonstrate our commitment to the environment”
Joe Johnson, Newcastle Hopkins
"It feels great to be a part of a community trying to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum."
PW, Care coordinator, East Bristol Community Mental Health Team
"I have been a member of Co-wheels for over 3 years and would recommend joining to anyone. The cars are excellent and their customer service is second to none."
Mr Covey
"I love using Co wheels. When I need a car I just book it on my mobile app. There are two cars reasonably close to my home so if one is busy the other is usually free. I got rid of my car almost 3 years ago now and have saved a fortune!"
Ali Skuse
"Easy sign up process. App works well. You are provided a card as a key for the car and that again works very well. Cars all seem to be at most two years old and in great condition. Would recommend"
Steven Anderson
"Great friendly service and nice to know you're dealing with people that believe in social enterprise and are doing a successful job with this business model. Cars are always modern and clean."
"The service is handy, very organised and they've managed to make what one would expect to be a complex scheme very simple. The price is very reasonable as well."
Kelvin Akpojiyovwi
"I just love the idea of renting electric cars on an hourly basis, any time I want during the day. It is indeed value for money and the support team are almost always there to help you with any enquiries you have."
"I'd happily recommend Co-Wheels to anyone, it's been a great way to get access to a car when we need it without having to deal with the hassle and expense of owning a car while living close to the city centre."
Anna S
"Great for the planet, great for the driver, a caring and friendly team. What more could you want! I'm thoroughly impressed with Co wheels. The set-up process was a breeze, and my first drive was totally smooth. The car was a pleasure to drive too. Do sign up!"
Katie Bartholomew
"We've been members of Co wheels for several years and have always felt the service to be excellent, both in terms of the condition of the cars and also the flexibility of the booking system. It has really been helpful to us, as we adapted to owning one car and then using Co wheels vehicles as a second, if and when needed."
Sheila Alty
"Such helpful customer service received by the team when signing up and throughout the whole application progress. They couldn't have helped any more if they tried! Will definitely be recommending Co wheels to my friends and family."
“The car club has enabled us to make good our action in the Local Transport Strategy and to provide an economic and social service to our citizens. Residents, businesses, third sector organisations and visitors are now able to easily access a vehicle instead of having t heir own vehicle with all the associated headaches. We believe our car club is also reducing parking pressure, congestion and improving air quality.”
Alan Simpson, senior planner, Aberdeen City Council

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