1. Corporate

Smarter ways to move your people

Whether you’re a one man band or part of a larger organisation, private sector or public sector, Co Wheels provides small businesses, charities and large organisations with a car when you need it….car hire by the hour or day.

Corporate Solutions

Casual business use

Providing a continued commitment and a comprehensive approach to reduce car use and encourage highest levels of sustainability in line with local authority sustainable transport strategies

Corporate fleet

A flexible business travel solution without the traditional drawbacks of pool or hire cars for large or small businesses. No contracts or hidden fees - just pay-as-you drive vehicles located near you.

Property Developers

Transport solutions that meet planning obligations relating to Section 106, Section 75 and support location travel plans. Having a car club is a very attractive incentive for many people today who do not own their own personal car. This is especially true when marketing properties with limited or costly private parking for residents


Allowing students the freedom of car travel without the hassle of car ownership by providing affordable, pay-as-you-go car hire in convenient, easy-to-access locations for local student communities.

Getting businesses and their people moving

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