Cleaner and greener corporate transport

With over 60 local authorities, NHS Trusts, Universities and large organisations throughout the UK now using the Co wheels service as an alternative to "grey fleet", the Co wheels fleet management service solution provides a flexible approach to meet staff transport needs

Corporate fleet management solutions

Fleet Management System

telematic unit, software system and helpdesk only

Intermediate Fleet Management Service

telematic unit, software system and helpdesk, with fuel card and insurance provided

Full Fleet Management Service

car, insurance, fuel, servicing, telematic unit & software provided

Let us change the way you think about business travel with low cost, low emission solutions for everyone from small teams to large enterprise

How it works

The system provided by Co wheels allows fleet cars to be accessed and managed remotely. There is no staff time needed to allocate keys or collate information and detailed reports are provided which allow you to manage staff travel effectively and ensure your resources are used to maximum efficiency.  Our systems are also set up to allow automatic switchover of corporate vehicles to be opened up outside of hours to general members of the public enabling local authorities to generate revenues to reduce costs

Benefits of car club for fleet management

Choosing a car club over traditional hire companies or fleet services can save you money, save you time and improve your CO2 emissions

Reduced organisation travel costs

    • Insurance included
    • No need to pay for fuel
    • No hidden costs or management of pool cars
    • Less reliance on taxis for short trips
    • No business mileage admin and no need to buy fuel (a card is kept in the car)

Reduced carbon footprint

    • Staff start travelling to work in more sustainable ways, with a car available at work when people need it

Clearer reporting and visibility of staff corporate vehicle usage

Improved employee benefits

    • Improve staff health and wellbeing - encourages active travel, car sharing and use of public transport
    • Removes need for staff to insure their cars for works use
    • Free personal membership for staff (worth £25)

Reduced parking pressures on site and locally 

Removes employer risk & liability 

    • No need to maintain “Grey fleet” vehicles that are road-worthy
    • Significantly reduces the total number of miles travelled, as mileage rate on expenses claims ‘incentive’ is removed

Why choose Co wheels

Unlike traditional commercial car hire companies, Co wheels offers a genuine more flexible alternative, offering financial, social and environmental benefits to a range of organisations

Social and Environmental Impact

As a social enterprise with a focus to ‘reduce car use’, environmental impact and best practice is at the forefront of what we do working with local authorities to promote sustainable low carbon modes of transport. Our fleet has the lowest emissions of any national club as we move to using only zero emission or low emission hybrid vehicles

Innovative and dynamic mobility solutions

Co wheels is financed and backed by one of the world’s largest car manufacturers SAIC Motor Corporation (which own the MG brand in UK), which ensures it is innovative and dynamic with smart mobility solutions and within the field of electric vehicles

Optimised in-car technology and software

We have full and complete ownership of the technology platform on which the entire operation is based which provides unrivalled opportunity to analyse and understand your user behaviour and fleet dynamics

Customer Service Excellence

We continue to deliver the ‘best in class’ customer service experience as demonstrated by the excellent independent Trust pilot reviews score we have

Data, reporting and contract management

With robust internal monitoring and evaluation processes and systems in place, a Co wheels Location Manager provides regular monthly management information to each local authority

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