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Check on our location map here or download our app to find the nearest car to where you live or work.

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Become a member, you can do it all online and then you are insured to drive all our cars.

Book a car and drive!

Book your car for the date and time you want it, then just collect it and drive!

Return it

Once you have finished just drop it back in its parking bay or zone.

Like owning a car - but without the hassle!

You don't need to own a car to get the benefits. Just borrow ours and only pay when you use it. No loan costs, garage bills, MOTs, tax, insurance and petrol bills - we cover all that and you just pay by the hour when you need a car or van. And unlike traditional car hire our cars are available 24/7 on a street near you, no need to pick up keys.

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A car for every occasion

We have the vehicle you need waiting on your doorstep - a small car for a quick trip to the shops, or a family car for a weekend away. Even people carriers and vans in some locations when you need the extra space. Powered by petrol, hybrid, electric and even hydrogen. Finding and booking them is easy - just search online or use our app - you can instantly see what is available and where it is. You can book it immediately and you don't pay until two hours before the booking starts.
A car for every occasion A car for every occasion

How much does it cost?

Using a car club can be much cheaper than owning a vehicle, because the average car spends 97% of its time parked but the bills come in all year round. With Co Wheels you only pay when you need to use a car - ideal if you don't rely on a car for your daily commute to work.With Co Wheels you pay:An hourly rate starting at £4.75 or a daily rate starting at £33.25 Mileage of 18p a mile for petrol cars - electrics have free mileage A one off lifetime membership fee of £25 £5 a month which is added to your account as driving credit

Join the revolution now

You can sign up online today - lifetime membership is £25 and there is a minimum spend of £5 per month which is added to your account as driving credit.
Join the revolution now Join the revolution now

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