Pay-as-you-drive hire

There is no need to own a car when you can save money and use ours. Low hourly rates, fuel and excellent insurance cover are all included. It is much cheaper and more environment friendly than owning a car - no regular bills and you only pay when you use it.

Harrogate car club

We have a brand-new fleet of environment friendly petrol electric hybrid cars plus a van, each of them parked on street in their own drop off/pick up zone.

For more information about how our back to zone model works, click here

Convenient and flexible

Book online or use our smartphone app when you need the car then use a smartcard to open the car – available 24/7 and no need to pick up keys. Plus we give you lifetime membership for £1 and £40 credit to try our service!

Join the UK's national Social Enterprise car club and drive forward change.