Co-wheels expands in Birmingham - New City Centre cars available

Co-wheels is the trusted name in car sharing in South Birmingham - now we are moving into the city centre as the city council's offical car club provider. Nine cars will be available when we start and more in future so now is a good time to join and use our offer.

Lifetime membership just £1 plus get £25 credit

To celebrate our expansion in Birmingham we have a great deal - membership is just £1 plus we give you £25 credit to try out our service, and there's no monthly fee! Fill in your details here and we will give you a promo code to use when joining.

Greener and cheaper - only pay when you use it

Using a car share club is cheaper than owning - and we include insurance and fuel in the price. Book quickly and easily online or via our app and get instant 24/7 access with a smartcard to on-street vehicles – no need to pick up keys.

Co-wheels working in Partnership with

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