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We know word of mouth and direct referrals to friends are the single best way to grow our community car clubs quickly and effectively.

  • Nearly 20% of new members found out about Co-wheels through a friend.

  • Growing organically means spending less money on advertising, and more on developing car club provision.


How does referral work?

Simply tell a friend about Co-wheels!

When a friend decides they want to join, you simply email our customer team telling us the name of the friend you have referred and preferably the email address they signed up with.

Then once your friend successfully completes their first booking* you'll both get £20 driving credit added to your account.'Refer-a-friend' cards are in all of our cars, which you can write your name on and give out. Feel free to take a few.

*Note - First booking must be over 2 hours, if shorter bookings are made, credit will not be applied until 2 hours have been accumulated.

Is there a referral limit?

You can refer as many as times you like - and you'll keep getting credit for each new member!

Is there a way to directly refer someone online?

We haven't got a direct way of doing this at the moment, but we're working on it!


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