How it works

How it works

Can I pick up a car in one location and drop it off at another one?


You must return the car you have booked to its original bay at the end of your booking. If you are returning an electric vehicle, please make sure to charge/plug in the vehicle via the charge point once parked. Failing to do so may result in the receipt of a penalty charge notice.

Is insurance included?


Yes. As a Co-wheels member, you will be covered by our fully-comprehensive policy which covers personal and business use. If you have an accident that is your fault, the excess is £600 for drivers over 21, and £750 for drivers 21 and under. We offer a Collision Damage Waiver which reduces this to £100 for all drivers - this costs £5 a month per account which covers up to five drivers. Details and an application form are here

How is the total cost of a booking calculated?


Car hire is charged for the time period of the entire booking (not just driving time), plus mileage. Our system automatically works out the cheapest rate for you – either per hour, overnight, day rate, or a combination.

How do I book a car?


You can use our online booking system to make or change a booking at any time on any internet capable device. You can also call us during office hours to make a booking.

Do I need to pay for fuel?


You don’t need to worry about paying for fuel. If you do need to refuel, use the fuel card provided, and we’ll pick up the bill. We ask all members to leave the car with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel at the end of their booking.

We use Allstar Classic fuel cards, which are accepted at most major chains, but not Pay At Pump. A map of the locations which accept the Allstar Classic fuel cards can be found on the Allstar Card website.

Can I use a car anywhere in the UK?


Certainly! Co-wheels operates a national network, so members can travel to other locations by train or other means of transport and then hop into a Co-wheels car at the other end. There’s no limit to the distance you can take a car in the UK.

Can I take a car abroad?


You can travel abroad in a Co-wheels car, with correct documentation and breakdown cover.

* Firstly, you must book the car before applying to take it abroad.

* You will then need to complete a RACV103b Form (If you require an alternative V5 document in the country that you are travelling to e.g. France) , with an accompanying letter of authorisation from us.

* You will need to source your own breakdown, or pay us to add the breakdown onto the vehicle. (Please call us as some of our vehicles have EU breakdown included, but not all of them)

Please note that you are liable for costs associated with this process and to ensure the vehicle meets the legal requirements of the nation state that you are travelling to.

How does driving credit work?


'Driving credit' refers to currency which is added to your Co-wheels account, typically via a promotional offer. Any driving credit which has been applied to your account can then be used to pay for the hours you book when using a Co-wheels vehicle. It will not be used for covering costs associated with our joining fee, mileage or monthly minimum spend.

Driving credit can typically be accrued via the use of promotional codes upon application to Co-wheels, or by referring a friend to the car club. It is possible to accumulate driving credit over time, provided that you fulfil the requirements to receive further credit.

What are your full terms and conditions?

What is in the small print - can I get a copy of your full terms and conditions before I sign up?


Yes, you can download a copy as a PDF document at this link Terms & Conditions 

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