Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Co-wheels is at the forefront of electric vehicle provision in car clubs across the country.

Easy to drive, automatic, smooth and silent, our electric vehicles (EVs) are proving popular with all members. We are even pioneering the first Hydrogen powered shared vehicles in the UK in Aberdeen.


Why choose Electric?

Electric vehicles represent the best environmental choice for new cars for many reasons:

  • Improved air quality – there are no emissions at all at the point of driving, delivering a significant benefit to city centre pollution levels, including NOx and particulates, as well as CO2.
  • No noise – at speeds under 15mph the cars are almost silent (at higher speeds the noise comes from the wheel resistance), creating a more pleasant local neighborhood.
  • Fun, quick and easy to drive – the EVs are automatic, are very responsive and quick off the mark.
  • No mileage costs – making your Co-wheels booking even cheaper.
  • Lower impact option – EVs are over 40% more efficient than standard petrol and diesel cars, when looking at 'well to wheel' and life cycle analysis.

How do I use them?

  • The EVs are booked on the Co-wheels system, just like all our vehicles. 
  • Instead of a fuel card, there is a card giving you access to the charging point. Just use this to retrieve the charging lead, put it in the boot, and you are ready to drive off.
  • All of the cars clearly display how many miles you can complete on the trip.
  • At the end of the booking, use the charging card to access the charging point, plug the car in, and lock it up with your Co-wheels smart card, as you would with all Co-wheels cars.
  • All of the vehicles have information sheets in them, with detailed instructions, just in case!
  • See our vehicle guides in the sidebar.

What about recharging?

  • All of the Co-wheels EVs are parked in bays with dedicated charging posts. Please note that these charge posts are not operated by Co-wheels - if you encounter any issues, a dedicated helpline is printed on the units themselves.
  • The access card is in the on-board computer (where the fuel card can usually be found). The charging lead is in the boot.
  • Cars typically take about 4 hours to recharge completely, but some will be a bit quicker, some a bit slower.
  • Please put the car back on charge at the end of every booking – ready for the next member!
  • There are more and more public charging points popping up across the UK – find your nearest one on Zap-Map. The map also shows which access card you need – most of them will be accessible free of charge.
  • Many of the EVs have charging cables ending in a 3 pin plug. Please do not charge these cars at home, and just use the public charging network or dedicated EV charging points only.


Ecotricity operate the Electric Highway - a network of rapid chargers in service stations and IKEA stores on major trunk roads across the UK. Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF cars can use these charge points, but please plan your journey accordingly if you do not wish to pay to recharge (cost not covered). To charge:

  • Download the Electric Highway app
  • Register for an account (free), and register your debit card
  • Pay per charge - £6 for 30mins, which will charge an empty tank to 80%.


Hydrogen Cars

In Aberdeen we are pioneering public hire of zero emission Toyota Mirai Hydrogen powered cars. These have a fuel cell instead of an engine which converts hydrogen gas into electricity to run electric motors powering the car, so the only emission is water vapour.

The Mirai, winner of the World Car Awards’ green car of the year, allows long-distance emission free motoring with a range of about 300 miles. The cars, which are all right-hand drive, will be stationed at Gallowgate Car Park and East Craibstone Street.

Aberdeen has two hydrogen refuelling stations, at Kittybrewster and Cove, to support the growing fleet of cars, buses, and commercial vehicles operating in the city as part of the innovative programme.

For full details on this scheme check our blog post here and you can download a guide on how to drive them or check out the refuelling video.



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