Electric car fleet expansion

Electric car fleet expansion

Five brand new Nissan Leafs have been added to the Co-wheels fleet right in the heart of England.


Co-wheels is the sector leader in providing electric vehicles (EVs) for public and private usage, with the most numerous EV fleet of any car club in the UK. This is expanding even further thanks to partnerships with Luton Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council to provide electric cars as more sustainable transport options for both council and public use:

  • Luton town centre has three Nissan Leafs available for the public to hire any time of the day for a flat rate of just £4.75ph, with no additional mileage costs.

    All Luton Borough Council staff get free usage of the cars for business trips through the Travel Luton initiative which encourages residents and employees in Luton to try out ways of travelling more sustainably.

  • Central Bedfordshire Council are also promoting sustainable travel through their Travel Choices initiative. Co-wheels have positioned two Nissan Leafs in the district, one at the Council offices in Shefford, and the second right in the heart of the popular market town Dunstable.

    These cars are free for Central Bedfordshire Council staff to book out between 08:30-17:00 Mon-Fri. Outside of these times the cars are available for members of the public to hire at £4.75ph with no additional fuel costs.