Pay-as-you-drive in East Lothian

You dont need to own a car to get all the benefits - with Co-wheels you can just borrow our cars for half an hour, half a day or longer and pay when you need one. Insurance and fuel is included with prices starting at just £4.75 a hour plus mileage.

Cars in Dalkeith, Musselburgh & Dunbar

We have six cars in three towns in the district - two in Musselburgh, two in Dunbar and now we have two available in Dalkeith too at the bowling Club. They are available on street 24/7, no need to collect keys you just book it online or with our app and unlock it with your membership card.

Cleaner, Greener & Cheaper

The average car is parked for 23 hours a day, car sharing is not only cheaper for you but also better for the environment. We have electric and hybrid electric cars on our fleet and sharing rather than owning creates much less impact on the environment.