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Find a car near you

Check our location map or download our app to see our Billinghurst car and others across the UK

Book your car

Book your car for the date and time you want it, you won't be charged until 2 hours before the booking starts.


Open the car with your member smart card and drive - simple!

Pay for time spent

When you return the car your account will be billed for any mileage used.

Our first car in Billingshurst

We have cars available across Sussex but we now have one in Billingshurst - ideal if you dont need to own a car for your daily commute to work but still need access for shopping or days out. Our cars come with insurance and fuel included in the pricing but you only pay when you use it so it can work out much cheaper than car ownership.

Meeting in town or day in the country?

We have a great time-limited membership offer for Billingshurst residents....lifetimne membership is now FREE, plus we give you £25 driving credit to find out how good our service really is. All when you sign up using the Promo Code BILLINGS25. Our cars cost less than £5 an hour to rent and comprehensive insurance and fuel is included in the pricing.

Join the revolution

FREE membership plus £25 in driver credit if you join now using the code BILLINGS25.
Join the revolution Join the revolution

Only pay for a car when you need it - the smarter alternative to car ownership

£4.75 per hour

£33.25 per day

£0.18 per mile

Get a price for your journey

Check our pricing - each car can be booked by the hour and the final fee is charged based on time and mileage, but our electric cars have free mileage. You only get charged two hours before the booking starts and unlike other car clubs we don't charge extra for younger drivers.

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