Need a car in Reading?

Now you can drive whenever you need to...

The University of Reading is now hosting a Co-wheels Car Club car, available on Whiteknights Campus at Park Group Halls (Dunsden Crescent) - just one of the numerous cars available to hire by the hour in Reading, and across the UK.

Students and staff can sign up to the scheme at a special discounted rate - get going with £10 driving credit and FREE membership (and no monthly minimum spend). Just use the code UOR10 when applying to join the club.

How does it work?

After joining the car club, members receive a smartcard, allowing them to book online and have keyless access the cars.

The high specification cars can be booked for short periods – from half an hour - or for days at a time at discounted rates. At the end of the hire, the car is returned its bay, ready for the next driver to use.




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