Shropshire Car Club

Shropshire Car Club


Bynner Street area free membership offer:

Please use the code Bynner20 when completing your membership application

This offer is only available to residents of Trinity St, Bynner St, Betton St, Linden Gardens, Trinity Place, Besford Square and Brougham Square in Shrewsbury. Limited to 20 free memberships; first come first served.

Shropshire is one of a range of Co-wheels locations across the UK, from city centre to smaller community led and owned car club operations, all focused on satisfying local need.

There are five cars available in Shrewsbury and Ludlow - all are fuel-efficient Fords, of various sizes. Co-wheels members can also use any car in the Co-wheels network across the UK.  Co-wheels Shropshire is managed by a local social enterprise, Shropshire Car Club CIC, with volunteer directors and a supporters' group in each of the two towns where cars are located.

Keep up to date with Co-wheels Shropshire on Facebook and Twitter or sign up to receive the Travel Shropshire newsletter to receive updates about Co-wheels Shropshire by email.  Select 'Eco driving and car clubs'. 


Valid from 1 March 2014

  • One-off joining fee (individual or employer/business) - £25
  • Additional driver in household - £15
  • Additional driver for employer - £12

Journeys are charged per hour and per mile - these charges include the cost of fuel as well as insurance and breakdown cover:

  • Mileage charge - 21p per mile

  • Charge per hour - £3.75, or
  • 24 hours - £25.00, or
  • Overnight (8pm - 8am) - £7.50

  • Monthly charge if no journeys have been made - £5.00
  • Cancellation within 2 hours of booking - 50%  
  • Cancellation more than 2 hours before booking starts - FREE

Join now or book a car here 


Two cars, a Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus estate, are parked in marked bays in Galdeford car park (behind the library).

To contact the local supporters' group, or to be kept up to date with the latest news on Ludlow's cars, email


Car locations from 24 February 2015:

  • Ford Focus Estate in St Julians car park

  • Ford Fiesta at Frankwell car park

  • Ford Focus saloon kept in the car park of the Prince of Wales, Bynner Street SY3 7NZ

During times of flooding in Shrewsbury we may need to move the cars around.  Contact Co-wheels by telephone for the latest information on the location of the cars. We'll also try to post news of changes on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

To contact the local supporters' group email


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