Co-wheels for business

Co-wheels for business

Using cars in a smarter way

Co-wheels provides businesses and organisations in the private sector with a greener and more cost effective travel solution:

  • No need for pool cars with associated costs, and reduced reliance on taxis

  • Reduce parking pressures on site

  • Eliminate admin for business mileage claims

  • Enable staff to travel to work by more sustainable modes, knowing there is a car available if needed.

  • One-off joining fee for access to cars in 60 locations across the UK.

How it works

SMEs can sign up for a business account with Co-wheels. Once registered, staff members can sign up as drivers under the account.

This gives staff their own smartcard and ability to log in and book cars as needed on the online system.

Trips taken by drivers are charged to the main account, and a breakdown of bookings by driver is provided at the end of the month.


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Staff Driver Brochure

Business Rate Card



Organisations can sign up for a one-off joining fee of £20.83. There is no monthly ongoing charge or minimum spend.

Additional drivers can sign up to an account for £10.

All drivers also qualify for free personal membership to Co-wheels. This means bookings for both work and private use can be managed under the same log in and with the same smart card.

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