How to hire a Twizy

How to hire a Twizy

Our Twizys are in the heart of the Lake District at Hope Park in Keswick.The vehicles can be booked directly with the Twizy host

Either an online or paper registration will be required. Both will require contact and licence details. You will also need your National Insurance number for licence-checking purposes. We recommend registration in advance of hires. The paper registration form is available to download. Please check Hope Park about the best way to register.

If you're interested in becoming a full Co-wheels member too, giving you access to over 60 other locations for pay-as-you-go cars, please contact our Customer Service team on 0191 375 1050

How much does it cost?

You can hire a Twizy for £20 per hour, £40 for a half day (4 hours).

How far and how fast do they go?

The Twizys are powered by high-tech lithium ion batteries, have a top speed of 50mph, and can be plugged into any domestic three pin socket, with an on board 3 metre cable. They can travel up to 40 miles on one charge, depending on driving conditions and styles.

Example itineraries and local information for Twizy users:

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