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We know word of mouth and direct referrals to friends are the single best way to grow our community car clubs quickly and effectively.

  • Nearly 20% of new members found out about Co-wheels through a friend.

  • Growing organically means spending less money on advertising, and more on developing car club provision.


How does referral work?

Simply tell a friend about Co-wheels!

When a friend decides they want to join, they simply enter your name (or membership number/ID) in the 'Name of referring member' box on their application.

You'll get £20 credit automatically added to your account, and the new member will too.

'Refer-a-friend' cards are in all of our cars, which you can write your name on and give out. Feel free to take a few.

Is there a referral limit?

You can refer as many as times you like - and you'll keep getting credit for each new member!

Is there a way to directly refer someone online?

We haven't got a direct way of doing this at the moment, but we're working on it!


Join the club.

Drive forward change.

Take the first step to using cars in a smarter way

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