Co-wheels works with universities across the UK to bring smarter car access to students, staff and their local communities.

A Co-wheels car on campus can:

  • Encourage staff to commute sustainably by bicycle, walking, or public transport
  • Reduce car parking pressure
  • Allow facilities and estates teams quick and easy access to transport
  • Promote greener travel choices and students and staff
  • Simplify and reduce mileage claims
  • Eliminate the hassle of pool car management


Co-wheels allows students the freedom of car travel without the hassle of car ownership. We have low hire rates and an excellent insurance policy to enable smarter journeys away from home. To qualify for student membership, you just need to have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 12 months - there's no joining fee, and you'll receive £10 of driving credit when you join. Co-wheels terms and conditions are much more favourable for young people than other car clubs so we can offer a great service to students.

To find out more, please visit our Students page.

Electric vehicles

Universities are at the cutting edge of education and innovation, and electric vehicles are being increasingly recognised as part of a low-carbon future.

We are working with several universities to provide affordable, pay-as-you-go car hire in convenient, easy-to-access locations for local communities.






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