Pay-as-you-go car hire at University

Pay-as-you-go car hire at University

Co-wheels is pleased to be working with Universities throughout the UK to provide our low cost, low hassle service to members of staff and students.

student car hire

Co-wheels cars are available on and near campuses in Bournemouth, Oxford, Bristol, Chichester, Newcastle and Cumbria, and in Aberdeen, Dundee and Dumfries in Scotland, with even more to follow. Find your nearest car on our locations map.

We've got low rates and fully comprehensive insurance for drivers over 19, so you can have a car when you need it - no uni parking permit required. As a social enterprise, our terms and conditions have got you covered in ways other vehicle hire services simply can't offer.

For a big supermarket shop, or just a day out with mates, a Co-wheels car gives you the freedom of car travel without the hassle or cost of car ownership. Car hire for at university has never been this easy!

The results? Lower congestion in student areas of a city, less parking pressure, and a new generation living car free.