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Co-wheels is the only independent, national car club, operating as a social enterprise. We provide a greener, cheaper, and more convenient alternative to the hassle of owning and using your own car.

As a car club, Co-wheels provides high-spec vehicles for communities across the UK to use, parked in special bays on the street in more than 60 locations. These cars can be booked for as little as 30 minutes, or up to days at a time. Our tariffs are simple and affordable.

Joining the car club grants you access to all of your local Co-wheels cars, as well as our entire national fleet, for a one-off joining fee, plus a monthly minimum spend of £5. Take a look at our FAQs to find out all about joining, using, and paying for the car club.

As you've received one of our flyers, you're eligible to claim £20 free driving credit when you join Co-wheels - simply enter the promotional code Flyer on your application, and the driving credit will automatically be applied to your account. 

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