Co-wheels named 'Best Shared Mobility Provider' at SmarterTravel Awards 2016

Co-wheels named 'Best Shared Mobility Provider' at SmarterTravel Awards 2016

Co-wheels car club is named Best Shared Mobility Provider at the Smarter Travel LIVE! conference and awards ceremony in March 2016.


The SmarterTravel Awards are the awards recognising the smartest projects, people and technologies which are defining future mobility. Entries to the Best Shared Mobility Service award included car clubs, public hire bike schemes, E-bikes and new technologies that inspire the public to adopt multi-modal travel.

The win highlights Co-wheels' innovative and low carbon operations expansion, the benefits for users, and a strategic plan for multimodal interoperability put into action in the past year: 

A different model from other operators with Social Enterprise status that offers distinct community and environmental benefits in the way the company is run and operated. This also means care hire and membership costs are considered on a level of sustainability rather than profit - resulting in lower rates than competitors. Co-wheels also offers a flexible profit sharing scheme with public sector organisations which have fleet deals, allowing cars to be opened up to the public at evenings and weekends. This saves the organisation money and results in better use of a shared mobility resource within the community.

Pioneering low and zero emission vehicles for on-demand car hire, especially in the past year, with the roll-out of numerous electric vehicles across England and Scotland. The intention has been to make an impact on driving habits, and make newer, cleaner technology publically accessible through the car club model. This was further enhanced by undercutting the rest of the car club fleet on per hour and per day hire costs, and a zero mileage fee policy, thereby nudging prospective and existing members to choose electric.

Moving toward multi-modal transport integration across the country. In Reading, CO-wheels is working closely with the local bus company and on-demand bike hire service to launch the EasyGo integrated transport smartcard, which will allow multimodal interoperability and a shared marketing message. In tandem with Co-wheels’ car club expansion across the North East, Partnership with Nexus – the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive - will also see the investigation into integration of transport smartcard options across the area, as well as joint promotion of the range of services available.

Putting cars at train stations in the Lake District has proved enormously successful in encouraging linked-up sustainable travel to the area - 71% of car users are based outside of the North West, with 36% of users having arrived by rail from London, with a car club vehicle immediately accessible for the next leg of their journey.