Shortlisted for Fleet Supplier of the Year 2016

Shortlisted for Fleet Supplier of the Year 2016

Co-wheels has been shortlisted for Fleet Supplier of the Year in the Energy Saving Trust's Fleet Hero Awards 2016.

Co-wheels has demonstrated a sustained and consistent approach to improving green fleet management, and has stood out from competitors by offering a unique telematic booking and keyless entry system, which can be implemented at scale for small and large organisations. As a social enterprise listed on the Crown Commercial Service, organisations can acquire Co-wheels' fleet management service without tendering, and can adopt ULEVs and EVs at the best possible price, without investing in depreciating assets.

Co-wheels has implemented fleet solutions for more than 20 large, public sector organisations, and over 8000 staff drivers currently use our service. Insurance, the booking system, vehicle cleaning, and maintenance are all provided by Co-wheels, helping to reduce administrative time and costs for organisations and fleet managers across the country.

Salford City Council currently uses our fleet management services, and has seen a significant reduction in 'grey fleet' mileage since switching to car club vehicles - grey fleet mileage had dropped by 27% in the first 3 months of using the service, and 380 staff members are currently signed up to make use of the 23-vehicle fleet. With further investment made towards additional, dedicated rapid charging posts, the fleet will grow to include an additional 4 fully-electric vehicles, bringing the total EV fleet up to 8, which will help to increase carbon savings even further over time.

Aberdeen City Council have been receiving Co-wheels' fleet management solutions for years, and are working to bring the world's first hydrogen fuel cell cars with telematics, bookable via our car club booking system. Two of these cars will be available for council staff to use, in order to supplement their existing fleet of 10 exclusive cars, and 36 cars available locally across Aberdeen. Switching to a Co-wheels fleet has significantly reduced the council's carbon emissions, from cars with an average of 106g/km CO2 to high-spec vehicles with emissions as low as 54g/km, which demonstrates a clear, environmental benefit for both the council and the city as a whole.


Co-wheels also works with NHS Trusts to provide pool cars as a solution for replacing their grey fleet mileage and lowering fleet costs. Derbyshire County Health Service NHS Trust has been using a Co-wheels fleet since 2012, and provision increased from 10 hospitals to 27 in July 2015, with 18 vehicles made available for public use in the evenings and on weekends. The Co-wheels fleet has helped to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 35% per mile when compared to the use of private staff vehicles, and staff members signed up to the scheme unanimously agree that the scheme is a success - 100% of survey respondents rated the scheme as "Very Good" or "Good".

Co-wheels also aims to expand fleet provision by including an electric bike pool scheme, with an aim to reduce carbon emissions even further for public sector organisations. More than 25 electric bikes are currently available in various organisations across the UK, with 50 more planned for implementation in Bristol, thanks to funding from the Department for Transport, Carplus, and the EU Horizon 2020 REPLICATE programme.