Setting up a car club

Setting up a car club

Our vision

During our mission to get car clubs established across the country, we have been able to develop a number of different schemes which are heavily influenced by local partners and residents. Therefore, if you are keen to see Co-wheels where you live or work, there is a solution to fit.

Our vision is to develop a network of Co-wheels community car clubs which are accessible to as many people as possible. So what are you waiting for, get in touch!

Member car scheme

Our Member Car Scheme offers members and potential members the opportunity to convert their car into a Co-wheels car. This has proven to be a great way of starting new car clubs and expand existing fleets.

How it works

You remain the owner of the car, but you agree to put your car into the Co-wheels fleet for other members to use. From the point you do this, Co-wheels will cover all maintenance, servicing, tax, insurance and will regularly clean and check the car.

You will receive a healthy allowance of ‘free use’ of your own car or any car in our fleet. So the benefits are you stop spending money on your car; you have access to Co-wheels cars across the UK and you are helping to develop the car club in your area!

We are pretty flexible on cars we accept. Generally though, we are looking for cars five years and under. We do a full mechanical check of the car before it enters the scheme.

To offer your car or to find our more, please contact us.

Co-wheels Social Franchise

A Community Resource.  An Environmental Travel Choice.  A Business Opportunity.

As a social enterprise, Co-wheels is very keen to see the network grow and need local partners to help with this process. Locally managed, community based car club schemes operating under licence within the Co-wheels family will be provided with the resources required to set up and operate a scheme themselves.

We run franchise operations in a range of locations from small villages (eg Ashton Hayes) to larger towns (e.g. Swindon). We are by far the largest and the fastest growing not-for-profit car club operator in the country.

What do we offer?

Basically we can make available a full range of resources to set up and operate a car club. We will provide ongoing support to enable the scheme to grow effectively and sustainably.

Set-up resources

  • Co-wheels Franchise Manual 
  • Training 
  • Software and systems 
  • Car Park Advice 
  • Launch and Promotion Package 
  • Branded Stationery

On-going support

  • Booking website 
  • Billing and collections 
  • Vehicle Insurance 
  • Member processing including driving licence checks 
  • 24/7 emergency helpline for members 
  • Fuel cards 
  • Marketing support for potential business and residential members 
  • Support for negotiating with developers setting up car clubs.

What do you need?

The local partner will usually need to source their own vehicles, whether these are owned, leased or borrowed from within the local community. Co-wheels can provide some assistance is securing vehicles. You will also need enthusiasm for the concept, commitment to the project and some start up funding. You will need sufficient finance to cover the initial outlay to establish the scheme.

What does it cost?

The tariff is set as low as possible to cover costs. Successful schemes pay more to help support growth of the wider network. Please get in touch for up to date prices or for more information by clicking here.

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