£1 membership plus £25 driving credit and no monthly fees when you join
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Cheap Student carshare club

A pay-as-you-go car hire scheme for all students offering cars, estates and vans in more than 20 University towns and cities across the UK, available for hire in convenient locations on street 24/7.

Find a car

How it works

Find a car near you

Check on our location map here or download our app to find the nearest car to where you live or work

Book your car

Book your car for the date and time you want it, then just collect it and drive!


Swipe your card and drive off - simple!

Pay for time spent

Once you've returned the car, you just pay for any mileage through your account

Meeting in town or for a trip up the coast?

We have a time-limited membership offer for Bournemouth....we have cut the joining fee only to £1 AND we give you £25 driving credit to find out how good our service really is. All when you sign up using the Promo Code BMOUTH1. Our cars cost less than £5 an hour to rent - check our maps to see if we have one near you.

Join the revolution

£1 MEMBERSHIP plus £25 in driver credit if you join now
Join the revolution Join the revolution

Only pay for a car when you need it - the smarter alternative to car ownership

£4.75 per hour

£33.25 per day

£0.18 per mile

Get a price for your journey

Each car can be booked by members on an hourly basis and the fee is charged based on time and mileage

Your journey

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