Co-wheels launch hybrid car club in Harrogate


Co-wheels working in partnership with Harrogate Borough Council has launched its first all-hybrid car share club in the Yorkshire town.

A fleet of nine new hybrid cars, seven Toyota Yaris and two Toyota Corolla Estates, are now available in Harrogate town centre for pay-as-you-go hire around the town for as little as 30-minutes up to full days.

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Co-wheels vehicles cleaned with long lasting virus killer

Co-wheels vehicles are now being cleaned with a long lasting disinfectant which keeps on killing germs on contact for an extended period.

Once applied to key surfaces in our cars and vans the product forms a protective coating which continues to kill any new viruses or bacteria which land on them.

Our team of cleaners is now using Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser invented by New Zealand based Zoono on all Co-wheels car club vehicles.

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NHS and care staff 50% Discount

We want to help those leading the fight against Coronavirus. As public transport is cut, many care staff may find it difficult to get to work or get their essential shopping, so we are cutting rates for them in half.

All NHS care staff such as doctors, nurses and paramedics, plus NHS Volunteers and all front line carers, such as home helps and staff in care homes, will get 50% off bookings.

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Coronavirus - new travel restrictions

Stricter travel restrictions have been put in place by the Government to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. Co-wheels is striving to deliver as normal a service as possible but please only use it when absolutely essential.

The safety of members is our top priority so we strongly urge you to follow Government advice and only use our vehicles for these essential journeys:

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Coronavirus precautions when using Co-wheels

The safety and wellbeing of all of our car club members is always our priority. Given the widespread nature of coronavirus COVID-19, we are carrying out extra measures to ensure the highest level of cleanliness for our members.

Each Co-wheels vehicle is professionally cleaned regularly and our cleaning team has been supplied with antiseptic wipes on top of their usual routine, paying extra attention to key contact points within each vehicle such as door handles, switch gear and the steering wheel.

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