Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Co-wheels has developed a specialist telematic fleet management service for local authorities 

Over 20 local authorities now use the Co-wheels service as an alternative to grey fleet for delivering services. The Co-wheels solution provides a flexible approach to meet the needs of the organisation.

  • Fleet Management System - telematic unit, software system and helpdesk only
  • Intermediate Fleet Management Service - as above with fuel card and insurance provided
  • Full Fleet Management Service - car, insurance, fuel, servicing, telematic unit & software provided

The system provided by Co-wheels allows fleet cars to be accessed and managed remotely. There is no staff time needed to allocate keys or collate information. Detailed reports of use are provided which allow organisations to manage staff travel effectively. The system allows vehicle resources to be used to maximum efficiency.

Large fleet - Maximum benefits

Recent contracts with Cumbria County Council and Durham County Council have transferred large local authority pool car fleets on to the Co-wheels telematic management system. 

A report conducted for Aberdeen City Council by the Energy Saving Trust concluded that the use of the Co-wheels service resulted in an annual saving of £40k and helped introduce electric cars to the city (see below).


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Supporting Documents
Case Study: Aberdeen City Council

Report on Co-wheels grey fleet management compiled by the Energy Saving Trust


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