I can't remember my password - help!


Your password is set up when you initially sign up online – if you cannot remember it, you can request a password reset email to be sent to you, via the log-in page.

What if I need help out-of-hours?


Our emergency helpline: 0191 375 1051

We operate a 24hr helpline, which you can call if you need emergency assistance outside of normal office hours. You can call us on this number if:

* You have a breakdown

* You’re in an accident

* You can’t return the car, as there is another vehicle in its bay, or the Co-wheels car is not parked in its bay

* You are unable to get into a car (this does not include lost smart cards, unless it is mid-booking)

* You need to extend a booking if late (a charge will be applied)

What happens if the car breaks down while I'm on the road?


We have roadside assistance cover which protects all of our members. If you break down, contact us straight away, and we’ll get someone out to you.

What happens if I have an accident?


Firstly, make sure you’re in one piece! Then contact us on the emergency contact number immediately, and we’ll make sure that you and the car get home quickly and safely. If the accident was your fault, you will have to pay the excess, and the rest will obviously be covered.

What happens if the car isn't there when I've booked it?


In the unlikely event that the car isn’t in its bay when you arrive to pick it up, we’ll discuss alternative means of transport for you straight away. We will advise that you use other means of transportation to get to the next closest car, or your destination (e.g. train, bus, or taxi). If you need to get a taxi to your destination and then back again, you will only pay car club prices. Please ensure that you keep hold of any receipts, in the event of this unlikely scenario.

What if there's another vehicle in the parking bay when I return the car?


This shouldn’t happen as bays are clearly marked, and it is possible that the owner of the car which has been parked in the bay will be fined. If, by some chance, there is a car in the bay, please park legally, as nearby as possible, and give us a call so we can try to get the other car moved.

If you park our car outside of its bay in this instance, but fail to notify us, you will unfortunately be liable to pay the fine. Likewise, if the vehicle is left parked illegally, you will be liable to pay the fine. There is also the possibility of an administration charge in the event of the above, for which you would be liable to pay. Please remember to park legally, and notify us as soon as possible, to avoid incurring any fines!

What do I do if there's a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) on the vehicle at the start of my hire?


Please send the PCN to our head office address via post, and provide us with your name and member ID. You will be reimbursed for the postage costs for sending us the notice.

I've lost my smartcard!


If you have misplaced your smartcard, you will need to contact us to receive a replacement. Please note that there is a charge of £5.00 for replacing smart cards.

I have a booking, but I have lost/forgotten my smart card!


Unfortunately, in this circumstance, you will be unable to gain access to the vehicle if you do not have your Co-wheels smart card. Please contact us during office hours to arrange a replacement.

I want to cancel my account - how do I do this?


Just e-mail with your full name. Your account will then be closed on the day that it is requested. Your membership fee will be refunded only if you cancel within 14 days of becoming a Co-wheels member, and have not yet used one of our vehicles.

What if I receive a Penalty Charge Notice?


If you receive a parking ticket, speeding notification, or bus lane/toll charge, Co-wheels will receive notification of this at our Head Office. We will contact you on the same day that we receive the PCN with further instruction on how to proceed.

Please note that you are liable for full charge of any PCN, and in addition, any subsequent administrative charges from leasing companies.

Co-wheels is required by law to pass on the details of offending drivers to the relevant authorities. Any offences committed by one of our drivers are solely the responsibility of the driver, and not that of Co-wheels.

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