Where are the keys?


Keys are found in the car glove box. Some of our more modern Hybrid and fully electric vehicles are keyless! Simply put your foot on the brake and hit the power button.

Always leave the keys in the car during your booking, and use your smartcard to lock and open the car.

If I finish my reservation early, will I still be charged for the full time I have booked?


If you book a vehicle, but only need it for a portion of the time originally booked, you are still charged for the whole reservation. This is because the vehicle has been unavailable to book for other members during this time.

We advise that you plan your journey to use the time most effectively.

How do I refuel the car?


If you do need to refuel, use the fuel card provided, and we’ll pick up the bill. All cards can be found slotted into the left hand side of the on-board computer (found next to the rear view mirror). We ask all members to leave the car with a quarter of a tank of fuel at the end of their booking, so you shouldn't need to refuel straight away.

Please note that the fuel card can be used at most major cashier-operated garages, but not at pay-at pump stations. A map of locations which accept our fuel cards can be found on the Allstar website.

To use the fuel card, please follow these instructions:

Our new 'chip cards' will require you to input the fuel card into a card reader. When the card is placed into the reader, you will be prompted to input the mileage into the reader, and then sign for the payment to be authorised.

On the rare occasion during which there are any issues with payment, please ask the cashier to cancel the transaction, and try again. If the issue continues, please contact Allstar Fuel, our card provider, on 08704 195 165. If the issue cannot be resolved, please pay for fuel yourself, and send the receipts to our Head Office, this will be refunded as an arbitrary credit on to the member's account after Allstar has been contacted.

Can someone else drive during my booking?


You are only allowed to ‘share’ the drive if both parties are drivers on the same account or members of Co-wheels, as individuals who are not members of Co-wheels will not be covered by our insurance.

Can I take pets in the car?


Pets are not allowed in the vehicles, as this could cause problems for other members (e.g. those with allergies). However, we understand that, on certain occasions, pets may need to be transported. If this is the case, please contact the office before driving.

Do I have to pay to re-charge electric cars?


Co-wheels electric cars have a dedicated charge post within their bay. Other free-to-use charge posts are available across the country. Any charging undertaken at Ecotricity Electric Highway rapid chargers or other paid service charge is not covered by Co-wheels. Please plan your journey accordingly.

When returning an electric vehicle to its bay, please ensure that it is plugged in/charging once parked, as failure to do so may result in the receipt of a penalty charge notice.