Can I use a foreign driving licence?

Can I use a foreign driving licence?


If you have a non-UK licence, you will need to confirm if you are a UK resident or a student, how long you have been living in the UK, and if you have any penalties on your licence. This can be done by supplying a copy of a recent utility bill.

We will also need you to send your licence to us at our head office address (we would recommend using secure mail), in order for us to complete the required licence checks, to ensure you are covered by our insurance.

Alternatively, you can get your licence checked at a local Post Office branch, using the Post Office Document Certification Service. To find out more about this service, please ask at the Post Office. If the Post Office checks your licence, please send the verified documents that they give you to our address.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the online DVLA check system is not compatible with licences issued in Northern Ireland. If you have a Northern Irish licence, please proceed with the above method of getting your licence verified.