Driving an ultra-low emission revolution

Driving an ultra-low emission revolution

  • Co-wheels becomes first car club in the UK to receive ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status.

  • 50% of car club vehicles are now electric or hybrid in Scotland, and 40% in England.

  • 75 electric cars now available to ‘hire by the hour’ in 20 towns and cities. 

 The UK’s only independent national car club operator, Co-wheels, has become the first car club to be awarded new ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status, and reveals a cleaner, greener car club fleet.

The company operates a national car sharing service where members can hire cars on a pay-as-you-go basis from dedicated parking bays in locations across Scotland and England. This year Co-wheels has significantly increased the number and availability of electric cars in its fleet: over 20 towns and cities now have access to 75 fully electric cars and vans, in addition to hundreds of ultra-low emission hybrids, and two hydrogen cars.

This commitment has resulted in the car club being the first in the UK to be awarded Go Ultra Low Company’ status in May, in recognition of how the organisation has opened its vehicle fleets to plug-in electric vehicles, and their commitment to boosting their uptake over the next five years. The collaborative campaign is the first of its kind, bringing together a consortium of vehicle manufacturers, Government and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “It’s great to see a growing number of British fleets going green and I would encourage other businesses to learn from Go Ultra Low companies like Co-wheels and benefit from the huge savings offered by electric vehicles.

“The UK is a world leader in the uptake of low emission vehicles and our long-term economic plan is investing £600 million by 2020 to improve air quality, create jobs and achieve our goal of every new car and van in the UK being ultra-low emission by 2040.”

Co-wheels also provides low carbon pool fleet management for numerous businesses and public sector organisations. Salford City Council saw a 27% drop in ‘grey fleet’ mileage claims in the first 3 months of using the service, as staff switched to greener electric and hybrid car club vehicles.

With over 13,000 drivers in the car club, Co-wheels is one of the country’s most successful and rapidly growing Social Enterprises. As a Community Interest Company, Co-wheels aims to create net positive social and environmental impact, and reinvest all profits into expanding and improving service provision.

Richard Falconer, Managing Director of Co-wheels said: “One of our key aims is to make cleaner and greener technology like electric and hydrogen cars available to people and businesses as part of the sharing economy. By expanding our fleet with ultra-low and zero emission models, we are proud to have reduced our average car club vehicle emissions to around half that of the UK car average. As well as reducing driving-related carbon emissions, our electric cars help to improve air quality, which is a growing concern in residential areas across the UK”.

Low emission fleet infographic


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