DCHS NHS Trust fleet expansion in Derbyshire

DCHS NHS Trust fleet expansion in Derbyshire

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust has been using Co-wheels to provide pool cars since December 2012. As of July 2015, the number of cars available to DCHS across Derbyshire rose from 10 to 27.

The fleet now consists of 11 low emission petrol cars, 2 low emission diesels, 13 electric hybrids (7 of these plug-in hybrids) and 1 fully electric vehicle. These cars were all chosen due to their low emissions, as the main reason for introducing these pool cars was to reduce carbon emissions rather than make savings.

DCHS and Co-wheels recently won funding to create a new public car club in Derbyshire. 18 of these cars are available to the public in locations across Derbyshire and a development worker has been appointed to market the car club to local business, groups and members of the public. The aim of this is to provide a valuable service to the local communities, increase utilisation of the cars evenings and weekends and to help keep future costs down for DCHS.

Key results for DCHS

  • Average CO2 reductions of more than 35% on every mile driven in pool cars, compared to average of staff using their own cars.
  • Estimated saving of over 5 tonnes of CO2 per year from the original 10 cars.

  • Over 60,000 miles driven in pool cars per year from the original 10 cars.

  • The most active drivers cover over 3000 miles in pool cars per year, with 18 drivers covering more than 1000 miles each.

  • 360 registered users and still increasing.

  • Users overwhelmingly vote the scheme a success: 100% of survey respondents who used the pool cars rated the service/resource as Very Good or Good.

  • As a fully managed service with modern cars, fully maintained, serviced and insured, all necessary Duty of Care requirements are met.

NHS Nurse and electric vehicle