Co-wheels Named Car Club of the Year 2016

Co-wheels Named Car Club of the Year 2016

The UK’s only independent national car club Co-wheels triumphed at the nationally recognised GreenFleet Awards 2016, scooping the title of ‘Car Club of The Year’ at the presentation ceremony in Birmingham.

Co-wheels has received the award after a period of significant strategic and tactical development, expanding the fleet to over 550 cars and vans. One in three of these vehicles is zero or ultra-low emission, with a preference for hybrid and electric technologies, as well as a mindful shift away from diesel to address air quality concerns. This focus on greener, cleaner cars has helped Co-wheels achieve the lowest average CO2 emission profile of any multi-fuel car club operator in the UK in the past year.

Over the last year, Co-wheels has invested in the expansion of many of its existing locations and in new car club locations, such as Glasgow, Derby, and the Isle of Wight. This has increased the car sharing network significantly. ‘Pay-as-you-drive’ cars are now available in over 65 towns and cities across the UK, making Co-wheels the largest car club operator geographically. The company also provides telematic fleet management services and shared electric bikes to over 50 public sector organisations including universities, NHS Trusts and local authorities.


Richard Falconer, Managing Director of Co-wheels, said "We are thrilled to be named Car Club of the Year amidst stiff competition in this rapidly developing and expanding sector. Co-wheels measures success on customer satisfaction, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. We are particularly proud of our achievements this past year, which has seen us rapidly expand and develop the service to provide greener car sharing for residents, businesses, and the public sector across the UK."

The GreenFleet awards recognise organisations in the transport sector which significantly contribute towards environmentally-friendly transport facilities and fleet management services. Colin Boyton, Events Manager at GreenFleet, said "In an age where businesses are looking at the most efficient way of moving people around, car clubs are becoming more and more popular, which is why we have introduced this new award. In Co-wheels, we found an organisation that has "green" in its core, with a fleet full of low-emission, hybrid, and electric cars. Coupled with their Go Ultra Low Company status, this makes them worthy winners of the 2016 GreenFleet Car Club of the Year award."

Co-wheels is one of the UK's leading and pioneering social enterprises, offering its members an alternative to car ownership, mobility solution, and ultimately a greener environment. The company was also named "Best Shared Mobility Service" at the Smarter Travel Awards earlier this year.