Co-wheels Joins the Crown Commercial Service Framework

Co-wheels Joins the Crown Commercial Service Framework

Co-wheels Car Club joins the agreement as part of a government procurement framework which will provide government and public sector organisations further access to car hire and car sharing.

The framework signifies Co-wheels as a preferred supplier for car club schemes, opening up new opportunities to provide fleet services for local authorities and organisations operating within the public sector.

It also aims to expedite the often lengthy tendering process, as well as boost car club membership across the UK.

Co-wheels already operates in more than 60 locations across the UK, and has successfully won contracts with more than 16 local authorities and public sector organisations to provide car club schemes in major locations such as Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Derby.

Co-wheels' Commercial Director, Pierre Fox, emphasised the convenience of joining the Crown Commercial Services framework: "We are delighted to be included on the Government's preferred supplier list for car club schemes. We are the only independent supplier on the list, and one of only two SMEs, which is a great achievement. This quicker and more direct tendering mechanism will really help the growth of car club schemes across the UK, making it easier and quicker for public sector organisations to contract directly with us."

"Because Co-wheels operates as a social enterprise - the only car club on the supplier list to do so - we are not only able to offer community car clubs and pool car schemes for cities, but we also provide car clubs in rural areas and locations where there is a real need for affordable transport alternatives."

Find out more about Co-wheels' fleet provision services for the NHS and local authorities on our Business & Organisations page.