Car club launching in Tunbridge Wells

Car club launching in Tunbridge Wells

A new car club operation is being created by Co-wheels in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in partnership with Tunbridge Wells Council.


There will be two cars available initially, based on Mount Pleasant Road near the council offices and the station.

Members of the public can access the cars by booking online, where they can be hired for periods of half an hour up to 10 days. This makes it a good value and flexible way to use a car only when needed. Council staff and workers from other local businesses can also use the cars as pool cars during the day. This will help reduce parking pressure at the council offices and support staff to commute to work by walking, bike and bus.

The car club intends to expanded into other areas of the town as demand increases.

Tunbridge Wells is the latest member of the large network of Co-wheels locations across the UK, which allows members access to cars throughout the country when travelling.

To register your interest in the car club, go to


"We’ll be the first borough authority in the county to offer this kind of car club and I’m delighted to be leading the way at no cost to the Council Tax payer. There are benefits for both residents and businesses. For people who want to avoid the commitment and expense of owning a car, this is the solution."

       - Councillor Paul Barrington-King