2017 pricing review

2017 pricing review


Co-wheels has not had a price increase since January 2016 but in that time a lot of our major costs such as car leasing and insurance have risen above the rate of inflation.

We know any price rise is never welcome news but to keep the car club sustainable we need to ensure we cover running costs which have increased in the past 20 months.

So from Friday, 15th of September our hourly booking rates will increase by 25p an hour and 3p a mile for most of our cars. Mileage for electric vehicles will remain free and pricing for 7 seat cars and vans remains unchanged at the current rates.

Our new rates will be:


Any bookings which have already been made for after September 15th will be honoured at the current rates.

Co-wheels reviews costs every six months to ensure we are still sustainable and it has been almost two years since we last had to increase our rates. We are one of the few in the industry still able to offer the majority of our cars for less than £4.95 an hour and our mileage rate is the lowest of any national club. Our longer term and overnight rates are also highly competitive and we offer the lowest insurance excess as standard.


Co-wheels would like to thank all members who gave their feedback on our pricing survey earlier this year – the overwhelming majority wanted to stick with the current system of charging for mileage rather than having a higher all-inclusive price with a mileage allowance.

We are also considering all the suggestions you made about pricing and are looking at membership options to make it more economical for people who are just occasional users.

We always welcome feedback from our members so feel free to leave your comments and we will look to answer or address them either individually or in a future blog article.

If you want to give us your views please leave comments here.

Note - Competitor Pricing Table. We try to be clear and transparent about pricing, which is why we have one membership rate which applies at all times. Car clubs run by Hire Car companies can have up to five different membership types, prices which vary by location, day of the week and time of year. So the following needs to be considered when looking at the pricing table:

  • All prices are from company websites and calls to customer services believed to be correct as of 4/8/17 for the majority of UK locations on ‘standard’ or ‘most popular’ membership rates, all errors and omissions excepted. Car sizes as described on website, actual models supplied will vary between companies.
  • Cheaper hourly rates are available by joining premium schemes from Enterprise at £20 a month and Zipcar London at £15 a month, and Zipcar London offers a cheaper basic rate on limited pay as you go cars from £3 hour weekday plus 29p mile.
  • Zipcar rates are split into weekday and weekend rates and Zipcar London weekend prices include a Summer boost from 23rd May 2017 to 6th September 2017 of £1 hour, £5 day.
  • Enterprise Insurance excess can be reduced to £100 at a cost of £10 month but not for those under 21, Co-wheels excess is £500 if you are 21 or under, E-car Club's excess is £750 for under 20s.
  • Rates can vary across the UK, Enterprise rates are cheaper in Surrey, and Co-wheels franchisees are free to offer different pricing depending on local cost and circumstances