Gateshead e-bike hire

Gateshead e-bike hire

E-bike hire from Co-wheels launched in Gateshead in October 2015.  The project is part of the Council’s commitment to sustainable travel and is currently only available to employees of Gateshead Council

There are currently 2 e-bikes and 2 standard bikes available to members of staff, all located immediately outside the entrance the Civic Centre.


e-bike Locations & Rates

There is no charge to employees of Gateshead Council to use these bikes, but you do have to register as an e-bike member of Co-wheels. 

How to hire

You need to be a member of Co-wheels before you can hire an eBike. Membership is free for e-bike users, you just need to fill in an application online application. Then call the office to complete your application, then arrange your first booking.

Gateshead Council staff? Join now!

 Our e-bikes are housed in individual lockers that have key safes attached to them.

  • Once you have joined Co-wheels you can book a bike on our website using your membership details.

  • A pin code for the key safe will be sent by text to your phone shortly before the hire is due to start.

  • Use the code to access the lockers key for unlocking the individual e-bike hire station, and a signal will be sent to us indicating your hire is activate.

  • Inside the e-bike Hire Station you will find instructions for checking the bike before you use it, together with a Hi Viz vest and helmet if you need it (you may prefer to bring your own).

  • When you return the bike, use your code to unlock the key safe again and return the bike, ensuring you plug the battery in for recharging.  Lock up the Hire Station and return the key to the key safe which will end your hire.

The Co-wheels e-bikes

Our e-bikes are the very latest Giant Prime e+ with unisex frames and adjustable seat height providing comfortable cycling for all. They have state of the art Yamaha power assisted motors giving a range of 30 miles with speeds of 15 mph available with effortless peddling allowing you to glide uphill or against the wind without any strain.

Our bikes are equipped with cycle computers displaying speed and distance as well battery condition enabling you to monitor the bikes performance as you travel.  Each bike is equipped with pannier bags containing an extra charging unit, allowing you to stop at a suitable location and top up your charge by plugging the battery in to any mains supply.